Gunbae has bar and 4 karaoke rooms in cellar level.

We carry spirits, draft beer and various Korean liquor selections.



Medium Size Room (8~12 ppl.)                                       $50 per hour

Party Size Room (20~23 ppl.)                                           $150 per hour


* Tax is not included.

* 18% automatic gratuity will be additionally charged.




  • Open Bar Karaoke Package (minimum 8 ppl)


  • $20 per person per hour for beer + wine + house liquor (not by bottles)
  • $25 per person per hour for beer + wine + premium grade liquor (not by bottles)
  • Additional $50 per hour for party size room


  • 222 package. $400


  • 2 hours of free karaoke
  • 2 bottles of premium liquor
  • 2 pitchers of any draft beer
  • Additional $50 per hour for party size room



  • Minimum number of people for open bar is 8. If there are less than 8 ppl, price for 8 ppl will be charged.
  • Pricing above does not include tax and 18% of auto gratuity.
  • If you would like to use the karaoke more than 2 hours, please let us know when making the reservation as we may have another reservation right after.
  • Premium grade liquor includes – Ketel One, Hendrick’s, Jose Curevo, Captain Morgan, Bulliet Rye, Fire Ball, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Johhnie Walker Black





Kal Bi Jjim    36

Braised short ribs with sweet soy sauce

Gunbae Wings    10

5 pcs wings seasoned with gunbae house soy sauce

 Wagyu Kimchi Fried Rice   17

Fried rice with Kimchi, grounded wagyu beef, fried egg

Jap Che 17

Stir fried glass noodle with rib eye, yellow squash,

onion, carrot, shitake mushroom & spinach

Dumplings (fried)   10

4 pcs Pork or vegetable

Chicken Fingers   10

Chicken tenders served with spicy mayo

Sweet Potato Fries   10

Tossed with parmesan cheese served with ketchup/spicy mayo

French Fries   10

Tossed with truffle salt & parmesan cheese served with ketchup/spicy mayo

Onion Rings   11

Served with ketchup/spicy mayo

Mozzarella Sticks (6pcs)   10

Served with marinara sauce